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Speaking about Easter (a little too late)

Before anything else, it's important that we understand Easter itself. That is one of the most important christian holidays that celebrates and honors the resurrection of Jesus Christ. You must be familiar with the story of Jesus, son of God, dying and then coming back to life again. Jesus was killed by crucifixion, which is basically to be hung on a cross and left to die. That is why some Christians wear crucifixes on necklaces or have them hanging on a wall.

Easter is always celebrated on a Sunday in March or April, therefore its date changes every year. And speaking of the holiday itself, Lent is the period of about 40 days that comes before Easter. Some Christians take this time to prepare for the holiday and give up some specific foods as in preparation for Easter. Some may even fast for a few hours. If you don't know what fast means as a verb, that's when people don't eat anything at all, whether by religious or non-religious reasons. And since we're going backwards in time, there's another really famous celebration, especially here in Brazil, that comes right before Lent. That's Carnival. Our Carnival is the biggest one in the world, so I probably won't have to bother explaining what it is.

Back to Easter, it's common to hear about something called the Passion. We may even watch some movies or plays titled the Passion of the Christ or simply the Passion. Passion is a very known word in its literal meaning, but when it comes to Easter, we're actually referring to the suffering and death of Jesus Christ. When Jesus died and was put in a tomb, which is basically a place where you put a dead body, Jesus got to be compared to a lamb, a very present symbol of Christianity, because He died for our sins like an innocent animal would. That was a sacrifice and sacrifices are basically difficult things someone might do for the sake of themselves or other people.

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