segunda-feira, 9 de outubro de 2017

Expressions about time

You run into a friend on the streets and then you start babbling about everything. After a while, it finally hits you that your friend is not in the mood for talking and actually seems to be about to cry at any moment. Thats when you turn to him and ask in a worried way: Did I catch you at a bad time? What happened? - when you catch someone at a bad time that means youre attempting to talk or interact to them at a time thats inconvenient for them. Maybe your friend just went through a very stressful event like a breakup, a dismissal from work or even the death of a closed one, and here you come rambling on about unimportant things.

And speaking of friends, one of these days I met a friend by chance on the bus. We decided to hang out at the movies because it had been a long time since our last night out. We went to the beach from there and then again back to the mall. It was such a pleasant time we had together we didnt even notice how late it was. Time simply flew while we had fun. - When you say time flies it means it passes very quickly, especially when youre having fun.

Monday morning and youre just acting like a real couch potato watching TV 24/7. Your mother approaches you in a way that only mothers would and start telling you to get out and get a job. She says: youve got too much time on your hands. You need to have more responsibilities and pay your own stuff! - when you have too much time on your hands, it means that you have too much free time and not enough things to do.

Its the weekend and you go to a friends house for a barbecue. Youve been waiting forever for this day to come and it is finally here. So you dance, you sing, party with your friends, catch up a little bit and of course you enjoy all the food. When its time to go back home, here is what you tell your friend on the way out: I had a whale of a time at your barbecue. Will you be hosting another one next weekend? - When you have a whale of a time, it means you have a great time or you do something really fun.

Thats all for now. Talk to you next time!