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O que significa to touch base with someone? Expressões com a palavra BASE

I was watching one of the episodes of The Middle, a very cool american sitcom, and an expression came up: to touch base with someone. One of the characters was going through a tough time and she believed it was all because she had asked God for the wrong thing. So in order to take the weight off her back, she said she needed to touch base with God and straighten things out. When you touch base with someone, you talk briefly with him/her [usually as an attempt to know what the other person thinks about something]. So imagine you're working with a few people on this very important project at school and now you need a minute of their time to discuss an issue that just came up. You need to know their opinion on the matter and what they think you should do. So while you're walking through the halls of your school trying to find them, you ask someone: Have you seen my project group? I need to touch base with them about something.

Still talking about that situation, imagine the issue you needed to talk to your group about was that you just found out you'd have to ask for the principal's permission to perform an idea you had. Suppose that idea included bringing a band into school to help promote your project, but now you know that won't be possible if the principal doesn't allow it. While touching base with your project group, one of them says: We won't even get to first base with the director if we propose something like that. When you can't reach/get to first base with someone or something, you don't begin to have success especially in the early stage of something. So take your project as an example. You come up with the idea of the band and now you need to talk the principal into it, which is very unlikely to happen. Your project group thinks they won't even get to first base with the principal because he won't even want to know about it. As soon as he understands what the proposal is, he'll interrupt them and they won't even reach the first base. That expression is based on the literal meaning of first base [the first place a player must run to after hitting the ball in a game of baseball]. Take a look at the picture below to understand better what I'm talking about. That's it for today guys. Take care!

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