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Inglês com diálogos – What do you usually do at the salon?

Bob: I’m pretty basic. I try to get a haircut at least once a month. I always go to the same salon because it’s near my house. Plus, the hairdresser is my close friend and he already knows my style. So If I just ask him to keep the same old cut, he’ll know I like my hair short in the back and my sideburns long. Sometimes, when I want to give a good first impression during a job interview I stop by the salon just to get a trim. What about you, Rachel?

Rachel: I’m the complete opposite of you, Bob. Some days I spend more time at the hairdresser than at my own house. But I’m a woman, and you know I always need to have my nails and eyebrows done, my legs waxed, and I’d rather do it all with the help of a professional. As for my hair, I’ve done a lot of things to change it, such as getting a perm, straightening and dying it. Besides I have bangs and everybody knows how complicated It is to keep it under control and always at the right length. There’s still the makeover and sometimes I go to the salon to get a facial. I like to take care of myself, as you must’ve noticed, but the reason I stay for so long at the salon is not just that. That’s where I find my friends to catch up on all the gossip. So it’s also about social gatherings. Sometimes I even make up the excuse of getting a wash just to chat away. 

  • to get a haircut: cortar o cabelo
  • the hairdresser: o cabeleireiro
  • to keep the same cut: manter o corte
  • I like my hair short in the back and my sideburns long: Eu gosto do meu cabelo curto atrás e minhas costeletas longas
  • to get a trim: dar uma aparada
  • to have nails and eyebrows done: fazer as unhas e sobrancelhas
  • to have legs waxed: depilar as pernas
  • to get a perm: fazer uma permanente
  • to straighten hair: alisar o cabelo
  • to dye hair: tingir o cabelo
  • bangs: franja
  • makeover: maquiagem
  • to get a facial: fazer limpeza de pele
  • to get a wash: lavar o cabelo

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