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Vocabulário relacionado a April Fool's Day

I'm a few hours late, but I still think it's important to talk about yesterday, April 1st, also known as April Fool's Day or All Fool's Day. Although it's not a public holiday in any country, people celebrate it by playing practical jokes, tricks and hoaxes on each other. I'm not here to do any of that, so don't worry. But I want to cover some of the words related to that day, which by the way will come in handy on other days of the year. So stick around!

I mentioned the terms "practical jokes", "tricks" and "hoaxes" before. And maybe you're still confused by the meaning of them. So, here's a quick explanation: practical jokes are any kind of trick played on someone as a way to make them look foolish, which makes sense if you consider we're talking about April Fool's Day. Speaking of which, fool or foolish refer to a person who's silly, stupid or unwise; the difference is that fool is used as a noun, whereas foolish is an adjective. Back with the kinds of jokes, we also have "hoaxes". Hoaxes are also a trick, but in this case it is usually a trick planned to deceive a large group of people. If you take a look at the picture below on my blog, you'll see an example of that. There is what it seems to be an accident with a subway car broken through and surfaced on the square in front of the town hall, in Denmark. But in reality, it's just a hoax staged to fool people around.

Aprilsnar 2001.png

Another word for a practical joke is a prank. A prank call by the way is a telephone call in which the caller lies to or tricks the person they called. Those calls are usually made to strangers and the point is to cause confusion or anger. If you're someone who likes to play pranks or maybe make prank calls, you're a prankster. Some people are a prankster's favorite targets on April Fool's Day because they are easily deceived. in English, you can call people like that naive or gullible. And finally to wrap this all up, we have the spoof stories, which are fake stories presented as though they were real. Alright, guys. That's all for today. Talk to you next time!

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