quarta-feira, 16 de julho de 2014

O que significa "to stoop low"? [expressão tirada da música Somebody that I used to Know, de Gotye]

Today I have an expression I got from the very famous song "Somebody that I used to know", by Gotye. I'm sure you've heard about it before and chances are you're a big fan of that singer. The song talks basically about a man who's just got out of a troubling relationship. Despite not loving his ex anymore, he didn't expect her to leave his life in a way that made it seem like she's become only "somebody that he used to know". In one of the lines, he says as if talking to her: but you didn't have to stoop so low. Do you know what "to stoop low" means? Let's find out!

When you stoop low, it means you've willingly fallen to a level of a person with low morals, you've done something that's considered wrong by some. In the case of the song, what made that brokenhearted man think his ex stooped so low was that she was treating him like a stranger, she even had her friends collect her records and changed her number. In other words, he wouldn't mind breaking up with her as long as she didn't erase him from her life as if he'd meant nothing. Have you gone through a situation like that with any of your exes? In what way have they stooped low? That expression applies to any kind of situation where someone does something that in your opinion is very wrong, even unethical. Imagine you have a friend you trusted very much and then you heard he's been secretly going out with your girlfriend. You never dreamed in your wildest dreams your best friend would be capable of doing such a bad thing to you. Your friend stooped very low. He has no morals whatsoever. That's it for today guys. By the way, take this chance to enjoy the song I've been talking about:

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