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O que significa "the bearer of bad news"?

One of these days, while I was watching an american sitcom, I heard a very useful expression. Here's what was going on when it came up: a woman was at a neighbor's party trying to fit in when on her way to the bathroom she unintentionally saw the party host's husband kissing another woman. She didn't think twice before telling his wife about what had just happened. Here's what she said when she approached her: I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I just saw your husband kissing another woman. Do you know what the bearer of bad news means? Read on!

When you're the bearer of bad news, you're the first person to tell someone about something bad. Nobody likes to be that kind of messenger because they know delivering bad news can ruin anybody's day. So imagine you're going on a trip to Europe with your family and everybody's looking forward to it. When you're only one day to go, you receive a call from the airline company saying your flight's been canceled. You're very sad to have to be the first person to deliver such bad news to your family, but here's what you say: I don't like to be the bearer of bad news, but we're going to have to postpone our trip for a couple of weeks.

Delivering bad news like that can cause a lot of anxiety. Imagine how difficult it is for doctors to deal with the job of being the bearer of bad news every time something bad happens to their patients and they have to tell it to their families. Do you have a story like that to tell us? Leave them down below on the comment section. Talk to you next time!

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