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Short story: expressões com a palavra TONGUE

Maria has been an English student for four years now. At the very beginning of her studies, she thought the hardest part in English language was to learn how to pronounce words correctly. There were certain words in special that caused her a lot of troubles speaking, especially the ones with the th sound like through or thought. She couldn't really get her tongue around words like those.

In her first English class, her teacher asked her to introduce herself to her classmates. She was so nervous that, as a slip of tongue, instead of saying she was fourteen, she said forty. After noticing everybody giving her such puzzled look, she started to stumble for words on the tip of her tongue. Of course all of that set tongues wagging in her classroom. Her teacher, on the other hand, did everything possible to calm her down.

Today, after overcoming most part of her pronunciation issues, she feels like words or phrases containing the th sound just roll off the tongue very easily.

get your tongue around/round something
to pronounce a difficult word or phrase

a slip of the tongue
a mistake you make when speaking, such as using the wrong word

be on the tip of your tongue
if something you want to say is on the tip of your tongue, you think you know it and that you will be able to remember it very soon

set/start tongues wagging  (informal)
if something that someone says or does sets tongues wagging, it causes people to talk about them

roll/trip off the tongue
if a word or phrase trips off the tongue, it is very easy to say


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